When Is The Best Time To Read?

By Alastair Brown – author of the Joe Beck crime thriller books.

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It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or what you’re worth. Time affords liberty to nobody. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in their day as anybody else. Finding the best time to read means involves carving some time from your total to immerse yourself in a story that’s taking place in another world – one that might just change your perception of your own.


Reading requires you to disconnect from the environment around you to focus your mind on the words that are printed before your eyes. It needs your focus, your attention, your concentration. And there are plenty of opportunities in the day where you can kick back, relax and enjoy a thrill ride through another world.

Let’s take a look at some of them.


First thing in the morning. Your alarm has gone off and you’re up  for work. You’ve already taken your shower and you’re sitting enjoying your first coffee of the day, maybe even chowing down on a little breakfast. You’ve got fifteen or twenty minutes of ‘me’ time before you need to hit the road. Fifteen minutes of solitude before the madness of the day begins.

Why not use that quarter-hour wisely and start that book you’ve been longing to read?

During the morning commute to work. You’re sitting on a bus, a train or a plane, even. It’s packed. There’s not a spare seat to be had and you’re stuck next to a stranger you don’t know the first thing about. Your earphones are in and they’re wired up to your cell phones. Maybe you’re listening to some music, or maybe it’s a podcast. Or maybe you’re listening to nothing, just because you want to come across as listening to something so that stranger you don’t know won’t spark up a conversation about the crazy commute or the weather.

Why not avoid all eye contact and open up your Kindle and pick up where you last left off?

During the lunch-hour in the middle of the day. You’re sitting at a table in the office break room. Your lunch is open, your sandwich half-eaten and your can of soda is hissing away, gas from the fizz escaping up into the air. Or, maybe, you’re relaxing in a cafe, sipping a cappuccino and nibbling on a crisp, golden toasted sandwich.

Either way, why not lose yourself in that next chapter you’ve been dying to devour?

During the evening commute home from work. Much like your situation earlier in the day, except everyone around you is a little more tired and a little more wired. The stresses of the day are etched across their faces and the odor of a day’s labor reeks from their pours.

Do yourself a favor and divert your attention to that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

In the later hours of the day. Dinner has been eaten and dishes have been done. Kids have been bathed and changed and set down for a night’s rest. The TV is on, the sound down low, and the lights in the living room dimmed to a dull, relaxing glow.

Perfect conditions for reading a few more pages of that chapter you paused half-way through.

Last thing at night. You’re all tucked up in bed, relaxing back against the pillows. The sidelight is on and there’s a hot drink on the nightstand. A few swirls of steam eddy upward from the hot, caramel-colored liquid and your mind begins to switch off from the day’s distractions.

Why not close out the day with the last few pages of that chapter of your current book? Or if you’re feeling brave, read the opening few paragraphs of the next one! Go on, I dare you.


From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, there are lots of different times of the day that you could call ‘the best time to read.’ Neither one of them being any better than the others. But each and every one of them offering you that avenue to disconnect from the day’s obligations, break free from the life’s distractions, ignore your work emails and avoid looking the your social media notifications, or stop worrying about the overhanging burden of the next thing needing done.

The best time to read is those moments of magic when your focus is truly free. When you’re free to concentrate on what you’re reading, free to take in the words you see and ponder the meaning within them. Because, then, and only then, will you be able to fully immerse yourself in what you’re reading.

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