Army of One - Book Cover

Army of One

Introducing Joe Beck

The first book in the Joe Beck thriller series

Joe Beck is a private eye, but not the typical type. He's unlicensed. His office is his cell phone. The gun he carries is unregistered, and his methods are beyond the law.

Standing at 6'5" and weighing 275lbs, he's model cop gone renegade - a man who drifts around, roaming the length and breadth of America righting wrongs and reaping riches whilst serving up his own hard brand of vigilante justice.

In Army of One, he's in McAllen, Texas, - a city not too far from the US-Mexico border - for the funeral of an old friend who, he heard, took his own life. While in town, he soon bumps into a beautiful escort named Sapphire, who mistakes him for somebody else. They make plans to spend the night together, holed up in a nearby motel.

But things don't go as planned.

They’re soon abducted at gunpoint and bundled into the back of a black SUV by a sinister group of men they've never seen before.

Under orders of a man known only as 'The Chairman,' the men drive them out to a desolate stretch of land in the dark Texan desert where a gut-wrenching discovery, a hand-dug grave and a harrowing demise awaits.

How will Joe Beck react? What do the men want with them? And what horrors will come to light in the dark of the Texan night?

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5-star rating

"An outstanding read. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down."


5-star rating

"Fantastic book. I am looking forward to the next instalment! If you enjoy Grisham/Clancy etc, pick it up!"


5-star rating

"Absolutely great. Characters are mysterious and the settings are vivid. In some chapters, I felt like I was actually there! Would highly recommend this book."


5-star rating

"Alastair Brown has woven a masterpiece here that will make you feel part of everything that’s going on in the story. The descriptions are well done, settings vivid as well, and he also uses characters well crafted to fit the role that he gives them in the story. It is a pure work of creativity and also tends to expose the evil that does happen in the society and goes unpunished. Its creativity at its best and one can feel and visualize what happens in the criminal world which he is out to expose."


5-star rating

"The start of the book hooks you right in, two deaths and Joe Beck at a funeral wondering what had happened to one of his best friends.  A friend who he would call a brother, did his friend commit suicide or was this a murder?"


Buy the Book

It's available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. Get your copy today!