Published 23 February 2018

Army of One - Book Cover

Army of One, the debut novel by crime-thriller writer Alastair Brown, published February 2018 by Strada Books, is now available on Amazon.

Army of One introduces the world to Joe Beck - a former cop from Nebraska turned unlicensed outlaw private eye who roams the length and breadth of America seeking out suspects, righting wrongs and reaping riches while serving up his own no-holds-barred brand of vigilante justice.

He's introduced as being in McAllen, Texas, for the funeral of an old friend who, he heard, took his own life. After the ceremony, he bumps into a beautiful escort named Sapphire and makes plans to spend the night with her...that is, before they're abducted at gun point and bundled into the back of a black SUV by three men they've never seen before. Three men who know a whole lot more about Joe Beck's dead friend than they ought to.

A high octane thrill ride in the South of Texas, centered on a quest for vigilante justice, it's an unmissable read. It's currently available in ebook edition on the Amazon Kindle store with more formats to come.

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