Alastair Brown is author of the Amazon #1 bestselling Joe Beck thriller series.

Meet Joe Beck

He's an Outlaw Private Detective, a brutal ex-cop who drifts around the United States righting wrongs, reaping riches and serving up his own hard brand of vigilante justice.

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Joe Beck Books

"The start of the book hooks you right in, two deaths and Joe Beck at a funeral wondering what had happened to one of his best friends."


"Loved the pace and the writing. It was fast moving, direct and to the point, and generally a very good read. Thoroughly enjoyed it."


"Another great crime thriller! Was hooked right from the very start and absolutely loved the end. Give us more Joe Becks! I highly recommend it"


"A great read for fans of vigilante justice thrillers. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe Beck is the sort of anti-hero we all really aspire to be."


"Another great Joe Beck Story. All action brutality at its best. The first Joe Beck with a first-person narrative and done with truly devastating effects. Looking forward to another book like this."