Over The Edge

A Short Joe Beck Thriller

Joe Beck Book #5 | Exclusive to Kindle

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"Another great Joe Beck story."

About the book

Recovering from the events in Las Vegas, Nevada, brutal ex-cop Joe Beck is in Daytona Beach, Florida. He's resting up and laying low, sitting in an open-air bar on the city's main street.

A woman walks by with a baby in her arms and a black van screeches in beside her to a halt. In broad daylight, the unthinkable happens. A masked man emerges from the van and rips the baby from her mother's arms. He bundles the child into the back before the van speeds off.

It all goes down right before Joe Beck's eyes and his instincts kick in. He springs into action, one thing on his mind - working to find out who the masked man is to get the child back.

When a child is taken, it's a race against the clock with the most innocent of lives on the line. Will Joe Beck succeed? Will he be able to track the man down and save the baby before it's too late?

At 6'5" and 275lbs strong and a dealer in a hard brand of vigilante justice, one thing's for sure - he's in with one hell of a good shot.

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"Another great Joe Beck Story. All action brutality at its best. The first Joe Beck with a first-person narrative and done with truly devastating effects. Looking forward to another book like this."


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Exclusive to Kindle, you can buy it on Amazon or read it with Kindle Unlimited.

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