Whatever it Takes

A Joe Beck Thriller

The fourth book in the Joe Beck thriller series

Unlicensed outlaw private eye Joe Beck is in blazing hot Arizona, delivering a paedophile to the father of the daughter the guy molested. On his way back from the meet, he sees a woman lying in the shrubs by the side of the road. Instinctively, he senses something is wrong, stops and gets out of the car.

She's barely responsive, virtually naked and badly beaten. Imminent death is certain. With her last breath she leaves him a chilling task.

"Save her. Please. Whatever it takes."

Joe Beck doesn't know who she is, or who she's taking about. He doesn't know what happened or what might happen to whoever the woman thinks needs saving. But one thing's for sure, he's not going to leave somebody in dire need.

He decides to get involved, find out what's going on and sets off to save the mystery woman, no matter the cost.

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