Easy Money - A Joe Beck Thriller (book cover)

A Joe Beck Thriller. The third book in the Joe Beck series.

"Another great crime thriller! Was hooked right from the very start and absolutely loved the end."

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About the book

Ex-cop Joe Beck is a private eye, but not the typical type. He's unlicensed. His office is his cell phone. And his methods are outwith the law. The gun he carries is unregistered, its serial number is filed off. And he's never one to shy away from a fist fight. He doesn't often take liberties and he never takes prisoners.

He's in a snowy Detroit, Michigan, hot on the trail of a murderous drug dealer wanted by the U.S. Marshals. He witnesses an unrelated murder on a deserted main street and deals with it in the way he does best.

But his actions don't go unnoticed.

A woman witnesses what he does. A pressing problem weighing heavily on her mind and seeing him as the only viable solution, she approaches him on the street and makes him an offer he can't refuse.

What's the offer? What does it involve? What will Joe Beck be thrust head-first into?

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