10 Reasons To Gift A Book This Christmas

By Alastair Brown – author of the Joe Beck crime thriller books.

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As the festive season looms, you'll no doubt be spending a moment thinking through the gifts you're going to buy for the ones you love this Christmas. Alcohol, gadgets, toiletries and jewelry are probably pretty high up on the list, but have you considered gifting them a good book?


Here are ten compelling reasons why you should give books this holiday season:

1. Books are easy to wrap. Just fold the paper around it and stick it in place, or pop the book into a bag and you’re done.

2. Books don’t break. They’re big, thick, durable and solid. You could drop a book down a flight of stairs and it’ll still be as good as it was before the fall.

3. When a book gets used, it doesn’t empty; in fact, it remains really full! Books can be read twice, three times, four times or more. They’re it single-usage items, and when they’re read again and again, the reader will pick up different aspects of the story that never foresaw before.

4. No batteries are required and no assembly is needed. You don’t need to worry about your loved one opening it up and being unable to use it because you forgot the batteries or the screwdriver. Books are ready made and raring to go – best enjoyed quietly with a strong cup of coffee or a fine glass of wine.

5. Books don’t make the annoying sort of noises many gadgets do that alarm pets or piss of the grandparents. Give a book to a kid and they’ll be entertained for hours, quietly.


6. Books are one-size-fits-all. There’s no sizes to account for, no custom paint jobs to apply, no tastes to avoid. A story is a story and a book is a book. It’s not the text that differs, it’s the interpretation of the words.

7. Books don’t require maintenance of any kind. Books don’t produce ironing, laundry or huge gas or electricity bills. Books are an easy, virtually obligation-free way to pass some quality time without creating a burden for you afterwards.

8. Books are non-perishable. Words last forever and stories last a lifetime. They never expire.

9. There’s a book for everyone, even that old uncle who only reads detective westerns. From comedy to horror, to fantasy to erotica, there’s a story for everybody. Although my personal favorite is a good crime thriller.

10. Giving a loved one book shows them how well you understand and respect them. The heart-warming feeling of seeing the appreciation on a loved one’s face you give them a gift you know they truly like is something that’s often sought after, but never found. Turn to a book. If you know the person, chances are you’ll do it this Christmas.

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