Published 29 August 2018

Payback - A Short Joe Beck Thriller (book cover)

Joe Beck is back! And it's with a massive bang.

The hugely popular ex-cop from Nebraska turned unlicensed outlaw private eye who roams America righting wrongs and reaping riches is back in action in Alastair Brown's second crime-thriller book.

The book, called Payback, is be the second instalment in the Joe Beck series, following up on Army of One which introduced the popular vigilante to the world in a gripping thriller set in McAllen, Texas.


Passing through Trinidad, Colorado, on route to Albuquerque, New Mexico, ex-cop turned unlicensed outlaw private eye Joe Beck stops off at a local bar, where he meets Brandi Burrows, a brunette bombshell who works there.

Slim, tanned and attractive, she has it all. The looks, the assets and the confidence. Except, something is wrong. She has a horribly black eye, which she admits was caused by the hand of an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Beck offers to deal with him, no questions asked. Brandi accepts. But things don't go as planned and he's quickly sucked into a side gig that involves stopping a local biker gang from distributing drugs around the state.

It's available in ebook and paperback editions now. Get it on Amazon today.


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